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Hot and Cold Wrapping

Hot natural seaweed wrap used to

  • weight loss
  • Braces
  • relax
  • oxygenation
  • plasticizing
  • cellulite treatment

Cold wraps are used for

  • cellulite treatment
  • weight loss
  • treatment of varicose veins

Wrapping – The newest salon treatment, which includes a comprehensive Body care. This creams, lotions, masks based on marine algae. Today it is the most popular tool in the fight against cellulite. Active substances – extracts from algae with phytoextracts – stimulate blood circulation, accelerate conclusion of toxins, improve skin tone, help her quickly to recover, returning elasticity and freshness.

Before wrapping the skin should be thoroughly clean special lotion. It performs the potent role of scrub: dissolves dead skin particles, to pave the way for the active substances. Massage tough glove completes the cleansing process – now the penetration of active substances into the skin is not obstructed. It can be applied to the mask body. Action mud mask double. Trace elements contained in the algae, & Quot; open & quot; fat cells, stimulate their work and forcing give fats and toxins accumulated in the form of cellulite. Part of the cosmetic clay mask through the open pores as it extends the content of fat cells directly to the surface skin.

To process took more active during the procedure creates a thermal effect: body wrap with plastic wrap and cover with thermal blanket. Mask action lasts from 15 to 60 minutes – during which time the process lipolysis and toxins out output is completed.

Active substances can be separately and then bring the effect of the procedure enhanced. In most cases this complex composition of serum that stimulate the breakdown of fat cells. Included are substance completely dissolved particles of fat and prevent accumulation of fluid in tissues. After fat cells & Quot; open & quot ;, it is necessary to withdraw the resulting liquid outwardly. For this massage cream is applied by hand, drainage moves excess fluid literally squeezed out of the skin.

Now the pores close and tighten the skin. This role is performed active ingredients anti-cellulite lotion. Due to the aerosol packaging it is distributed evenly on the skin. Action Lotion noticeably pleasant: the feeling of coolness easy passing by pleasant warmth. Lotion – innovation in the fight against cellulite. Thanks liquid consistency it is quickly absorbed and speeds up the absorption of into the skin of the active substances from algae.

Effect by wrapping can be felt and seen immediately: skin becomes smooth and elastic, plain relief & quot; orange peel & quot; smoothed. The course of treatments designed for 3-5 weeks, if necessary, repeat it every year. In this case, the probability re-formation of cellulite is reduced. Of course, & quot; young & quot ;, loose cellulite quickly amenable to so rule remain the same: a balanced diet, active lifestyle, regular pampering.

And here is the procedure wrap: