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Acne treatment

The following medical techniques are used for acne disease treatment :

  • Hypodermic chipping of pustulous elements with oxygen and ozone mixture 3 – 4 times a week, totally 6 – 8 procedures in a course;
  • Irrigation of the damaged tissues with ozonized distilled water (daily, till full pus elimination from the skin)
  • Big autohemotherapy,so-called the procedure of blood ozonization.

By suppurative skin damages and acne rash the medical ozone appointed in the form of hypodermic chipping of the damaged tissues or insertion of gas mixture inside of furuncle or acne (infiltrative and pustulous elements) can be used successfully as monotherapy. Lipolytic properties of ozone help to influence the accumulated skin fat in cystous formations, and improvement of blood circulation in places of injection accelerates the dissolving of cicatricial changes. In some cases the procedure of injection with oxygen and ozone mixture is performed after their sanitation by an electrocoagulation method (opening and depletion from suppurative contents). All patients with acne rash after the first procedure of chipping have clinical improvement which is expressed in softening of infiltrates, reduction of morbidity, hyperemia and edema. Terms of acne rash treatments were reduced by 2 – 3 times in comparison to the traditional methods of treatment. Complications and collateral reactions were not revealed. The total treatment course includes 5 – 6 procedures with 1 procedure in 5 days.

Efficiency of oxygen and ozone therapy.

During ozone therapy for the patient with acne rash the treatment efficiency makes about 85%. It is indicated to include it in the complex treatment of acne disease that also consists from retin hormonal preparations, the external means regulating the secretion of sebaceous glands of skin, etc. It is recommended to perform the repeated courses of hypodermic acne chipping 1 – 2 times a year during the autumn and winter period.