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Armoring with bio threads – the most reliable and physiologic way to return the former contours to your face. The strong biostimulator – the Sculptura product made on the basis of polylactic acid is inserted under the skin of face and neck, this gel substance intensively influences the cells that produce proteins, collagen and elastin. The cells of connecting tissues grow actively and as the result the skin becomes elastic, its color improves and wrinkles disappear.

What is the main difference between the new method and the armoring with gold threads?
The principle actions of boh methods are identical. The production of new skin proteins are actively stimulated. “The structure” for skin is formed not by golden threads and biogel, but by formation of new connecting tissues in places where the armoring material is inserted. Armoring with golden threads is real surgery with some foreign matter inserted into the skin, but implantation of biothreads is performed with the help of injections that practically don’t injure your skin, the rehabilitation period isn’t required. Biogel possesses extraordinary high biological compatibility and small unit weight that is not heavy for the skin and guarantees resistant result without any danger of side effects. It is important because the absorbing of the threads and small weight of the biological product don’t affect the unit weight of soft tissues as one of major reasons of aging of skin soft tissues is the gravitational factor.

How can you build a distinct”structure” with the help of gel?
Gel is inserted according to the certain scheme. Injections are performed on the reticle marked on the face, in the vertical and horizontal direction. Gel is very dense therefore it doesn’t spread and forms those biothreads under the skin. 2-4 weeks later the web line from bio threads will be completely absorbed, and the skin will get its own elastic synthesized” structure”, which can protect it in future from any damage of soft tissues and loss of moisture, can also prevent the building and enhancing of wrinkles. The rejuvenation effect will come very soon and will last from 3 to 5 years

Which age suits better for this procedure?
Biological stimulation should be performed when degeneration (aging) processes are already ready to start or when you see the first changes of soft tissues (deformation of face shape, enhancing of nasolabial folds, omission of mouth corners etc.). You can check yourself easy in front of the mirror: bend your head to your shoulder and if your face form is displaced and you notice some folds, you need the procedure with”bio threads”. You must certainly be reasonable in this regard. But after your 50’s “the starting”of the restoration processes will be already more difficult, and the effect can be not so noticeable. Therefore the best age for performing this procedure is when you are 35-50 years old.

How many procedures does a person need for receiving a good rejuvenating effect?
We usually perform 2 procedures with an interval from 14 to 45 days. You must know that the effect from biostimulation doesn’t become apparent right away as your skin needs time for creation of new proteins. Visible changes start appearing in about 30-45 days.

Are any side effects possible after inserting of bio threads?
The procedure has no contraindications and doesn’t cause any side effects. After inserting of gel there are only hardly noticeable marks from injections on the skin which disappear the next day. By the way, the procedure is absolutely painless thanks to the application of special anesthetizing cream. After biogel inserting you can keep caring of your skin and having procedures in the beauty salon. There is just one restriction. During the the course it is better for you to avoid sunbed,bath and sauna bacause active thermal influence can disturb the natural process of skin restoration. The new way of rejuvenation doesn’t demand any rehabilitation period, the effect comes very soon and remains for 3-5 years.