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Botox / Disport

Every mention of Botox causes women’s misunderstanding and men’s indignation. Some people relate this means nearly to plastic surgery. And even those men and women who are not against this procedure and would like to experience it, can be scared of it because they simply don’t know, how exactly it is performed and what effect it has.

Today we will try to allay your apprehensions and to tell you about the advantage and safety of the offered procedure. We will talk about the application of BOTOX products in esthetic medicine and medical cosmetology with the cosmetologist of Proestetic clinic Nina Yahimovich.

We all have heard a lot about Botox, but not everyone knows about the purpose and the essence of the procedure. Tell us about them more detailed.

The property of these preparations to block the work of the mimic muscles is used in esthetic medicine. Most wrinkles “given” us by nature, are caused by work of mimic muscles. Tat’s why in order to combat successfully with wrinkles,in most cases it is efficient to block the work of some mimic face muscles. It influences the wrinkles in the area of your forehead, eyes and sometimes your upper lip. It is also possible to lift the corners of your eyebrows and lips. If the wrinkles are not very deep, mimicry blocking is enough to smooth them completely, as result your eyes will become more open, your face will freshen up and you will look younger.

It is well-known that many girls and women want to save time and money and try to perform difficult saloon procedures in home conditions. Is it acceptable in connection with Botox?

Of course, not! The procedure has to be performed only by a qualified doctor, who is specially trained to apply the preparations containing botolotoxin in a procedural room under control of all asepsis and antiseptics rules. Only in this case the procedure will be beneficial without any harm for your appearance and health.

How is the procedure performed?

At the beginning we define the area which we want to block and make the special marking. Then some intramuscular injections are performed on the previously marked points. The dosage and the quantity of the blocked points are appointed strictly individually — depending on the mimicry features and the stage muscles development.

How long does the procedure last?

It takes about 10 minutes for the procedure. It is almost painless and absolutely safe with the proper implementation.

Are there any recommendations or restrictions before the procedure perforing?

The patient should activate the mimicry work in the area of the injections. Within 4 hours before and after the procedure the patient shouldn’t be in horizontal provision. In the period of 2 weeks after the procedure he should avoid sunbed and sauna as it can reduce the procedure efficiency. Also within 2 weeks it isn’t advisable to do massage in the area of injections.

When is the affect apparent?

The effect develops to be apparent during 2 weeks and stays about 4-8 months. The procedure can be performed in any season, and especially it is recommended in spring and summer when the bright sunshining makes the mimicry very active. We would like to mention another quality of Botox — its ability to block the work of the sweat glands. This property is widely applied in the treatment of hyperhidrosis (increased perspiration). The effect remains within 8-10 months.

Are there any age restrictions for this procedure?

There aren’t any special age restrictions for Botox application. The procedure is recommended when your active mimicry leads to the appearance of wrinkles

Are there any contraindications?

Pregnancy and breast feeding are absolute contraindications.Temporary contraindications can be acute infectious diseases, the states which are followed by high temperature and reception of tetracycline antibiotics.

Nina, we often hear that beauty must be natural and cosmetologists shouldn’t influence the nature affairs … What is your opinion in this regard?

The natural beauty of the person — is a gift of nature which needs to be accepted. The specialists of our clinic don’t intend to argue with the nature, but we argue with the time and the negative processes in our organism that come from age, bad ecology and stress. Our procedures are directed to the longer preserving of the beauty given us by nature. All the procedures which are used in esthetic medicine, have the right for existence. They must be just performed correctly, used according to their intended purpose and without any fanaticism. In general words, the application of cosmetology procedures can be considered correct when after their performing everything looks absolutely naturally and esthetically.