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Facial Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy – is intradermal or subcutaneous inserting (to a depth of 1.5 to 6 mm) of the special coctail containig different preparations in microscopic doses depending on the patient’s problems with very thin and short needles. Therapeutic cocktails can be be given to the punctures in any area of the face and the body.

Mesotherapy as a method of treatment of many diseases has been known for over 150 years. However, the ideas and principles of mesotherapy were formulated only in 1952, the founder of techniques was a Frenchman Michel Pistor. The cdicsovery came from a situation where a patient who was subcutaneously administered an anesthetic, got skin improvement and wrinkles smoothing. This case was followed by research and experiments, drugs have been developed, and cosmetologists received such affordable and effective method for their use.

As a result of his skin aging skin the person’s application of creams and masks is losing its effectiveness because they do not penetrate into its deep layers. Mesotherapy involves the inserting of biologically active substances, which include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, embryonic preparations. Getting into the skin, they are beginning to produce collagen and elastin, reconstructing the structure of the skin from within, smoothing out wrinkles, restoring skin tone, elasticity and its healthy appearance. The first eye-catching effect of mesotherapy is the effect of “fresh” face. The second one is “mesolift” – an increase in skin elasticity and even its moderate tightening. A number of procedures can radically and permanently improve the condition and appearance of the skin.

Advantages of mesotherapy

The advantages of this method include the fact that the active ingredients work locally only at the level of the skin without penetrating into the blood (and, accordingly, without causing any side effects). Besides, the points puncture withe active substances affect positively on the whole body.

In our clinic we utilize for mesotherapy widely used products, produced by the French laboratory Filorga and other leading manufacturers. For face mesotherapy we use such preparation as EMBRYOBLAST, a unique drug-free biological product forr skin rejuvenation, which includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, “biostimulins”. It is used for the prevention and correction of age-related skin changes. Intensive course includes: 4-6 procedures with an interval of 7-10 days. Supporting course: 1 procedure per month, 3, and 6 months. NCTF 135 / HA25 mesotherapeutic cocktail enriched with hyaluronic acid contains six groups of active ingredients: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes, nucleic and hyaluronic acids. It’s purpose is to restore the structure of aging skin, to eliminate the problem of oily, porous skin, to have powerful anti-stress effect. It solves the problem of hair loss. Biorevitalization is performed with the preparations based on hyaluronic acid such as AcHyal, STYLAGE HYDRO, Matrisoft and others.

Fields of application:

  • restoring skin hydration
  • treatment of atonic skin
  • increasing turgor and elasticity of the skin
  • restoration of the microcirculation of the skin, prevention of rosacea
  • treatment of wrinkles and gravitational ptosis
  • restoring aging skin
  • protection against free radicals

Technology of inserting: two basic techniques are mainly used – microinjection and linear. The intensive course consists of 2 procedures with an interval of 14 days-1 supporting procedure in 2-6 months.

Face Mesotherapy

Face Mesotherapy