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Hair Treatment

In the life conditions in the big city our hair gets many problems. It becomes thinner, falls out, fade, etc. There are several causes of hair loss. First, it is a seasonal phenomenon, which occurs in autumn and spring. There is hair loss due to lack of vitamins and minerals in these seasons. Secondly, the hair is under bad influence of stress, depression, excitement, surgery, etc. You must know that the hair begins to fall a few months after a stressful situation. Thirdly, unbalanced nutrition and diets contribute to hair loss because the body does not receive all necessary vitamins and minerals from food. The fpurth reason of the problems associated with the hair are hormonal disorders. The disorder of the endocrine glands affects not only the hair, but also the whole body. However, hormonal disfunction require primarily the treating of the body inside. Fifthly, the most difficult problem that leads to hair is the androgenetic cause. In this case the fronto-parietal area is damaged. This disorder develops more often in men. 85% of men are suffering from hair loss in the frontal – parietal area. 20% of women also get androgenic hair loss.

The modern methods of restoring and revitalizing the hair follicles include microinjections that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Mesotherapy helps to improve the condition of hair and scalp in short period of time. The treatment is carried out by inserting of certain cocktails into the scalp. They contain beneficial substances for the hair follicles that promote hair growth. One of the causes of hair loss is poor blood supply in the cervical spine. That’s why the hair follicles do not get enough vitamins, microelements and oxygen, which leads to hair loss and other problems. Beside the inside factors the hair every day is unedr influence of aggressive external factors – hairdryer, dandruff, styling, ecology, etc. We should note that the composition of cocktails for injection into the scalp contain vitamin B, zinc and amino acids. These substances are responsible for the health and beauty of the hair. Vitamin B promotes the elimination of dandruff, leads to normal sebum secretion and stops hair loss. The scalp becomes healthier and the hair restored. In addition, the drug used in mesotherapy include melanin, which actively prevents hair graying. In addition to the scalp, the injections are made in the neck and collar area. They normalize the microcirculation.

Mesotherapy of the head and neck takes about 40 minutes. After the procedure, you must not wash your hair for at least two days. You must not swim in the pool or take a bath during the first day. To get the effect it is necessary to have about 4 procedures during 4 weeks. Along with mesotherapy for hair loss treatment we successfully apply the ozone therapy. This injection technique involves the inserting of the active oxygen into the scalp, which improves the scalp microcirculation, enriching it with oxygen, improving nutrition of the hair follicle, hair growth and the quality of the hair, and therefore stopping any hair loss.


  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Neoplasms
  • Allergy

Before starting the procedure you should warn the cosmetologist if you are taking any drugs.