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Non-surgical face lift

A unique treatment method with non-surgical face-lift in Proestetic clinic!
The effect of plastic surgery without cuts, without seams, without long rehabilitation period

In this article, I would like to tell you about the unique characteristics and unlimited possibilities of the preparation for contouring based on polylactic acid, which is called SCULPTRA (NEW FILL)

The procedures using Sculptra occupied the first place among the most popular and favorite procedures in Hollywood. The unique properties provide truly unlimited opportunities in the rejuvenation of the face and neck, face lift, the formation of its contour. This product is the most potent stimulator of elastic and collagen fibers, and this property has been used successfully for the formation of the skin’s own structure that provides powerful face and neck lift. Also this property can be used as a preventive measure after the procedure of reinforcement by using Sculptra, the process of face ptosis can be stopped for 4-5 years. When done properly, reinforcing the skin makes it not only firmer, but the skin also becomes more dense, supple and looks much younger. In addition to reinforcing the skin, Sculptra is also used to generate the required volume of the face. This feature of the preparation has been used successfully to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, cheekbones forming, smoothing of the back of the nose. ect. Moreover, unlike the preparations based on hyaluronic acid, Sculptra does not attract water. It is making it more preferable when working in the area around the eyes.

With this procedure you can also smooth out the so-called temporal the fossa, pull up your eyebrows and prevent their further suspension. More than 10 years of experience with the preparation allows us to assert that if the procedure is performed correctly, using this drug can achieve facial rejuvenation for 10-15 years. that can be compared to the effect of plastic surgery. The advantages of this procedure before plastic surgery include lack of incisions and scars, short term rehabilitation, the possibility of formation of missing volumes, significant improvement in the quality of the skin. If you compare this procedure to the reinforcement by mezoprocedures based on polylactic acid, we would like to mantion the limited capacity mezoprocedures, they can not create the volume to fill the nasolacrimal furrow. Furthermore, unlike Sculptura the mezo-threads make the skin heavier and moreover, they can not be so precise for skin reinforcing. The mezo-threads based on other substances we do not discuss, because they are not able to stimulate skin rejuvenation, and the feasibility of their use remains questionable.

We would like to add that the polylactic acid is a natural and completely biodegradable product, so when it is properly administered it completely excludes the side effects and complications. But we want to note, that the doctor who uses this preparation must have special training and experience with it. The effect of the procedure is quite long and is stored up to 4-5 years. If additional correction in 2-3 years the necessity for plastic surgery may be put off for another many years. Our clinic has been already using this wonderful drug alternative in aesthetic medicine for more than 10 years, but the accumulated experience allows to state with full responsibility that these procedures can be regarded as an alternative to plastic surgery relating to its efficiency, and long-term preservation effect.

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