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Vector lifting

Vector lifting based on the hyaluronic acid

The technique of vector lifting is used to eliminate and prevent sagging skin. Injections of the hyaluronic acid with the use of this technique form some intradermal framework which tightens and supports the skin. The result is toned and radiant skin, young face.

The hyaluronic acid is a component of connective tissue that forms an elastic, moistened, soft structure of the skin cells. With age, the amount of the hyaluronic acid in the intercellular substance of the skin diminishes, thereby reducing its elasticity and density, so visible wrinkles appear.

By intradermal inserting of the drug based on the hyaluronic acid its deficit is filled, it restores the moisture balance of the skin, creates the conditions for the synthesis of new collagen, elastin and own hyaluronic acid. As a result, the volume of skin fold is filled, the skin is smoothed, it is supple and moisturized.

The hyaluronic acid does not cause any allergies, rejection or any complications, does not penetrate into the neighboring areas, and is subsequently slowly absorbed in the tissues.

This is absolutely natural and safe way of rejuvenation. It is indicated for patients to form the face shape, for skin rejuvenating, toning and moisturizing, for smoothing skin color and relief, lifting the face and body.

Bioreinforcement is non-surgical skin reinforcement with using biological materials, in particular the modified hyaluronic acid preparation for contouring. The hyaluronic acid is inserted into the skin on the special technique, and being in it from 12 to 24 months, has 3 main functions:
It plays the role of a mechanical frame, “cements” the skin matrix and prevents it from sinking.
Long biorevitalisation process starts some time after the injection.
Bioreinforcement is performed on the unique vector technique in which fabric compression goes from the periphery to the center.

The effect is similar to surgical lifting, achieved non-surgically.

The technique allows to combine bioreinforcement and contour plastic in one procedure to form the face shape.


Vector lifting is a contouring skin procedure performed by injection of gel based on the stabilized hyaluronic acid. Special vector injection technique corrects facial contours, smoothing the nose area, lips area folds, allowing in some cases to dispense from the inserting of filler in these folds .

Biorevitalisation provides the introduction of the hyaluronic acid into the unstabilized skin that starts immediately after the introduction of the special enzyme. And the effect of revitalization lasts from 1 to 3 months, the you should repeat the injection.

For vector lifting procedure we use the stabilized hyaluronic acid that remains in the skin from 12 to 24 months. During this time it is gradually degraded by enzyme systems that destroy short chains of molecules of the hyaluronic acid, which stimulates fibroblasts for long-term production of scaffold proteins and have lasting revitalizing effect.

The drug STYLAGE M is the PREPARATION FOR LIFTING VECTOR , it is the line of advanced implants based on the hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, obtained by biotechnological methods. Technology of Laboratory of the French «VIVACY» is in the service of beauty and health.

The drug is completely hypoallergenic (does not cause any allergic reactions), has the ability to complete biodegradation (With time completely out of organism).

The product has excellent ductility, easily administered, naturally distributed in the skin without damaging surrounding tissue.

VECTOR LIFTING can be combined with other rejuvenation procedures : peelings, contour, biorevitalization, the introduction of botulinum toxin and others.

Optimal patient age for bioreinforcement is 30-65 years


  1. The technology delivers intradermally linear biological filler yarns and creates a powerful locking frame gently protecting the area from ptosis over from one to one and a half year.
  2. The launch of the isovolemic biodegradable hyaluronic acid some time after the introduction of filler, gives the destruction of recirculation crosslinks and releases the molecules that achieve sustained process of biorevitalisation with activation of neocollagenesis.
  3. It creates mikrofibrosis in the dermis, the physical law of the vector direction, pulls the treated area from the periphery to the center.
  4. With using a filler, the special technique achieves the effect similar to lifting operational.