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Wrinkle and nasolabial folds removal

Wrinkles are visible folds of skin resulting from excessive activity of facial muscles, loss of skin elasticity and firmness as well as other reasons. The elasticity of the skin is given by the collagen fibers containing in the dermis, and between them there are hyaluronic acid molecules that give elasticity. With age, as well as under the influence of environmental factors the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid decreases, the skin loses itselasticity and moisture, which leads to the appearance of visible skin aging signs.

There are two different approaches to eliminate wrinkle with using injection methods. Firstly is the elimination of the wrinkles by insering of specially designed filling in the skin under the wrinkle. Such fillers cam be various substances of natural and artificial origin. Secondly, special injections are used to reduce the ability of facial muscles to contract (“Botox”, “Disportт”) because the wrinkles are often associated with excessive activity of facial muscles. This method removes dynamic wrinkles immediately and prevents their appearance in the future.